Creativity drives me.

I believe in the big idea. Every brand has a story to tell. Our job
is to develop a creative strategy that communicates your story,
differentiates your product and gives consumers an enduring
connection to your Brand.

How we do what we do;

Find 'em.

A big part of the big idea is targeting the right market. We'll work
with you to identify your Brand's most receptive audience and the
best media formats for reaching them.

Talk to 'em.

We'll get inside your Brand to create a dialog that will resonate with
consumers. When you communicate in a real, insightful and creative
way, you've got the beginning of a beautiful Brand relationship.

Keep 'em.

It's not enough just to get your customers attention. An essential
part of our strategy is developing Brand loyalty. Communicating your Brand's quality, product exceptionality, and customer service is what cements the relationship between your Brand and your customers.

The A Team.

I work with a group of ad/branding pros. They're the best and the brightest in every marketing discipline; Copy, Research, Media,
Account Management, Direct Response, Broadcast, Internet, Social
Media and Public Relations. I'll put together the Brand Team that best suits your goals and your budget.


I've worked in the ad biz as Creative Director, Group Head/Art Director for agencies such as Doyle Dane & Bernbach, J Walter Thompson, and D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles. I served as VP, Creative Director of Marketing for Columbia/Epic records. I was partner of Grey & Alan
and am currently doing business as Septoff Creative.